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March 12, 2004


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» Pens, Weblogs & Knowledge Management from Read/Write Web
There's an interesting meme doing the rounds about using pens as a metaphor for weblogs. Of course I can't resist adding my 2 cents when it comes to that topic :-) Lilia began with a post that explored the 'weblog... [Read More]

» And the number one Enterprise Portal is... from A Day in the Life of an Enterprise Architect: Thought Leadership
Figuring out who the number one portal vendor is becomes easy. Simply ask your favorite industry analyst. However, the answer they give you may not be accurate. Here's why?... [Read More]


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Mac Brown

Hey Mike,
I just stopped by to check out the site. I like the look and feel. Very good content too. I will stop by regularly to see what is new and keep up on things...


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