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March 18, 2006


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On your Quick Take #2...

Microsoft is getting over that particular part of their character. I've seen it first hand a couple times recently where there are business partners in place working on some other project, them MS comes in having heard about some other nearby project or RFP, offer the free consulting time and software to get a pilot in place, sometimes before the requirements for the project are completely known.

Ed Brill

Indeed, people have always been the core component of the Notes marketing message, and are still today with some of the new IBM commercials about collaboration.

My colleague Alan Lepofsky also points out how some of MS's quotes from last week were verbatims or nearso from things Lotus has said over the years, not just in the R5 campaign...

James  Governor

IBM should be overjoyed Microsoft has chosen to fight the battle on turf that Big Blue owns. Framing the argument around people plays into IBM's hands beautifully.

Our podcast talks to this issue here if anyone is interested. its only 15 minutes or so.

can i just say again - software doesn't install itself. ever hear of accenture and avenade?

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