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November 29, 2006


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James Governor

Adobe Breeze already has that function right? then there is the webex/cordys thing

Mike Gotta

Hey James, Nice to see you at the event BTW. Slowly catching up. Adobe Breeze (now called Connect/Connect Pro) is similar to the web conferencing component of Sametime and as I recall, it supports XMPP and also has some integration with Avaya and Cisco. But it's not really an IM platform. It does have it's own developer cability and you can build extensions. But it lacks the type of SIP/SIMPLE integration (at least right now) that is necessary. WebEx is building out Connect and with WebOffice has a pretty nice alternative (more SBM and for a department of a large enterprise) and IBM has not had a successful hosted option. So pro's and con's. Sametime has a very large install base and the plug-in model can move it into workflow and other application scenarios that Breeze is not as appropriate for.

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