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January 22, 2007


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Peter de Haas


Good point. I think UC is more related to the latest Exchange version and also from that perspective particularly the UC part (voicemail) is not something within the scope of migration.
Migration ofcourse relates mostly to email / calendar / directory / applications / data and not to RTC / UC related components

Mike Gotta

I'm fine with the message of moving people from Notes/Domino to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. I just think that using the term unified communications is terribly misleading. Exchange alone, even with unified messaging (which is not in scope of the migration) is NOT unified communications. It's e-mail. Use of the term is simply vendor FUD and Microsoft would be more credible and accurate by not using the term until such migration services are in place.

Peter de Haas


Fully agree. On the other hand I am gload this has grown into a platform discussion rather than Lotus Domino vs Exchange.
You can not spereate UC from Collaboration anymore. Your simply not going for 2007 Office System with SameTime ...

Mike Gotta

I agree, you might glance at my UC comments post-Lotusphere in an entry I put out today. I'll also have a 50 page report coming out soon on Sametime 7.5 and IBM's UC effort(unfortunately only available to Burton Group clients).

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