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October 30, 2007


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Giovanni Gallucci

I need to share some files and folders with co-workers. I’ve found docusync.com. Has anyoneused them before?

Paula Thornton

Great, thoughtful insights.

The primary issue I've seen for 'uptake' on many of the collaboration toolsets -- they're not really collaborative. In directly questioning one major vendor about how they designed/delivered what they had (effectively challenging them to respond to my litmus question, "If this is the answer, what was the question?") it was clear that they had not engaged (even though they claimed they had) any real 'design' staff to direct the results.

To add injury to insult, when they are approached with definative evidence and detailed inventories of very aggregeous bad design issues, they are not interested (or only pretend to be).

Elitism is a serious threat to market-sustainability. Their existing sales (I've found) is through complete confidence people place in their claims...and the high cost of backing out of a high-ticket purchase (how do you 'return' these $500 products, particularly after the $500+ to put them in place just to discover they don't really work?). Saving-face plays a very significant role in this marketplace, allowing very bad technology to continue to show sales.

It is not sustainable. 2.0 is flattening the playing field.

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