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November 06, 2007


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Ian Small

Hey Mike -

You're absolutely right that people have taken a crack at mining e-mail in the enterprise before. Mark Logic's angle is a little different. Here's some thoughts with respect to your comments:

- Tacit was all about mining the aggregate enterprise mail stream. MarkMail is all about interactive search and discovery for "public" archives. Those public archives might be "internet" public, or they might be "intranet" public (e.g. we use MarkMail to great effect for archiving our own internal technical best practices mailing list)

- If you start mining people's private email for other folks' benefit, I agree that you're going to have issues - even in the enterprise. But if you give people better tools to leverage the knowledge residing in the mail communities to which they belong, I suspect many of the privacy issues become moot, because all those discussions are "public" - at least within the community - in the first place. And the value proposition is quite clear.

- We completely agree that e-mail is not the only interesting place to look for knowledge. But as you point out, it is one of the *more* interesting places, and the particular need we're serving with MarkMail is not well-served by anything else that's out there.

Our own first-hand experience is that MarkMail (even in its current non-enterprise-aware instantiation) can be instantly useful in the enterprise. While that's not what this week's launch is all about, it's definitely been a useful learning arena for us so far. It's definitely shown us that a tightly-focussed "less is more" approach can yield real benefits, which we're now seeing on truly public content on the open Internet.

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I agreed with you email is not only the interesting place for knowledge. There are lot of good place to gathering knowledge but we can say email as interesting thing as using email we can chat with other peoples as well as friends..

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