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July 07, 2008


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Andrei Filimonov

It appears that Oracle position in collaboration space is still murky. At the moment they have at least 5 products with overlapping capabilities:

- Oracle WebCenter
- Bea Aqualogic UI
- Oracle Beehive
- Oracle Collaboration Suite (OCS)
- Oracle UCM Collaboration Manager

WebCenter and Aqualogic UI were specifically mentioned in Oracle briefing as foundation for strategic Entprise 2.0 and Portal offerings. However, it looks like both products will go through significant rework with Oracle promising "seamless" migration. The future of other products is unclear as they weren't even mentioned.

Oracle Collaboration Suite is definitely a sunset product but it is not obvious what organizations need to do to replace it. Wait and see maybe the best option but it is hardly a good option. WebCenter/Aqualogic combo is at least 18-24 months away to be seriously considered. Oracle Beehive is being touted as OCS replacement. However, it doesn't have well defined presence in future Fusion portfolio. In addition, it runs on OC4J platform which is being replaced by Weblogic Application Server.

Companies that own Oracle UCM Collaboration Manager which is part of what is formerly known as Stellent Content Management should be even more confused. It doesn't look like it has any future in Oracle collaboration strategy. In addition, Oracle UCM suite has some overlap with other Oracle products: Oracle Beehive includes JCR compliant content repository, both WebCenter and Aqualogic UI have Web Content management capabilities. On the top of that, it is not clear how exactly Oracle UCM products will fit into Fusion middleware portfolio. For example, will it continue to run as a standalone product or it will require other Fusion components such as Oracle Weblogic Server to deploy.

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