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July 15, 2008


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> That said, Jive still is missing certain functional areas such as feed syndication so vendors like Attensa and NewsGator are still needed

I think you mean feed aggregation, not feed syndication. I did some quick calculations on the number of feeds that Clearspace syndicates 2 years ago (the formula is way out of date) and came up with this forumla:

(# of spaces * 9) + (# of tags [system wide content tag feed]) +
(1 [blog posts system wide]) + (1 [new blogs created]) +
(# of blog tags [system wide blog tag feed]) +
(# of blogs * 2 [posts feed, comment feed]) +
(# of blog posts [per post comment feed]) +
(# of documents * 2 [document comment feed, document history feed]) +
(# of people * 2 [document approval feed, private message feed])

which is just to say that we *syndicate* almost everything that you can imagine, what we don't have (like you pointed out) is feed aggregation. We're not like Attensa or Newsgator or Bloglines or Google Reader (although you can subscribe to an RSS feed on your personalized homepage). Totally agree that it would be helpful.



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