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January 31, 2009


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Jason Rothbart


Interesting take on my post. Here is my comment on ReadWriteWeb.

Interesting comments. Frankly, I never anticipated that people would read this post and think I was advocating a strategy to screw employees over. As I have advocated in many of my posts, I'm a huge fan and proponent of collaboration, period. The point of this post is to identify benefits to companies that people may not normally consider. Frankly, I think collaborating with each other benefits employees as well. They learn from each other as they collaborate, making them more valuable as they progress in their career. They also enable the company where the work to excel, which lessens the chance they do get laid off - everyone wins. I'm assuming most employees hope their employer does will. If they don't, they should probably do something else. The notion that I'm advocating collaboration just so companies can lay off people more easily completely misses the point.

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