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March 24, 2009


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Dave Eckert

Thanks for the comments regarding our blog post. We believe that social media is a communications form that encourages creating connections and dialog. Your feedback stimulates that conversation and we are happy to respond to the concerns you raised.

Please note that it was not our intention to ding your blog post for spelling, content, or opinion. That afterthought resulted from the fact that the four posts we highlighted all happened to have items that might have been caught during a standard editorial process. Of course we have also found typos on signature research reports as well. If you cannot find a typo in our content you are not looking critically.

We were also not highlighting the content of your report. We are certainly not expert on your area of coverage and we do not track you as an individual. There is no one I know of has the capability to track the thousands of Industry analysts. We will leave that to the vendors in your market space. Your post was of interest to us because you indicated that a tweet had an impact on you. This was to show how the various forms of social media are highly connected. We were impressed that you expanded your thinking based on feedback and commented on the opinion of others. Again this is encouragement of dialog.

The overall point of our post was that AR teams need to be part of the conversation. Those teams that are not reading blogs, following analyst tweets, and providing relevant comments may be missing a very important part of the dialog. Because this new form of communications does not go through a “delay process” it demands more timely response. Our “shoot from the hip” comment refers to the more immediate and short-form nature of this communication as compared to long-form and perhaps more measured signature research. AR teams should always be providing concise key messages, not buried deeply in voluminous content. A good customer benefit can certainly be a “sound bite”.

All of these points combine to why we called this a “Challenge for AR Teams”. We would expect those teams that devote an appropriate level of effort to social media to embrace this new format. Those that are ignoring or avoiding social media will be subject to surprises and constant reactive actions. We stand by our recommendations of: Know your analysts, track your analysts, establish response policies, and include social media in your measurement.

Dave Eckert, Strategist SageCircle

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