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October 13, 2009


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thank you, great coverage and feedback.

matt anrey

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John Schwiller @iJohnDNS

This collaboration brokering reminds me of the early days of IM and work to investigate how users cope when they are 'interrupted'. In my experience the user asking the question wants an answer pretty soon (usually an hour ago).

All I could find quickly on that work was this: http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/imc/pdf/gt510-3939-vying-for-your-attention.pdf

I wonder if there is any more recent work (perhaps from Oracle to support BH 2.0) which would give us clues as to how the Tacit / Beehive features may make some Subject Matter Experts feel more stressed and could impact their day job.

Is it enough for the SME to just 'score a few points' for answering a question, as in Jive SBS?

I appreciate that a user can just ignore some or all of the requests but I know that once I'd glimpsed an SOS request that was 'correctly' targetted at me I'd find it hard to ignore (I've been called a Pathological Helper in the past...).


Been following your articles, those information really a great help for my business.



You mention a demo of Beehive and SharePoint integration, can you provide more information?

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