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May 22, 2006


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Michael Sampson

Hey Mike,
Nice piece of writing. Do you think that technologists are the best people in the enterprise to comment on and plan out re "the future of work"? If yes, is it a personal journey for each technologist, or is there an opportunity for more structured learning environments?

Thanks again,

Michael Sampson
Global VP of Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Foldera, Inc.

Mike Gotta

Hi Michael -- I think technologists have a role, a role that is changing as we move from data to information to process to the social aspects of how work "gets done". I believe rather strongly that people far too often focus on the technology when it comes to collaboration. We (technologists) also tend to look at things from the inside out - that is, from the viewpoint of the application which often represents a time slice of task and functionality. I would hope that technologists begin to understand the viewpoint of the user (outside in) and elevate their understanding of groups collectively rather than users singularily.

As far as structured learning environments -- people learn in unstructured, dynamic, social and non-classroom environments to a far greater degree. So if by structured learning environment you mean some type of virtual classroom, I would probably disagree. They have their place (classrooms, physical and virtual), but if you want people to learn, get them engated and interacting with each other in planned and unplanned ways.

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