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March 15, 2007


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Alex Vipov

E360crm Microsoft CRM Cisco IPCC Unified Enterprise Connector Released.
For enterprises looking to upgrade their call and contact centers with more effective CRM practices, it is essential to realize that the solution cannot exist independently from other enterprise applications and systems. A merger between data sources and applications is the only way to achieve greater efficiency within the enterprise (remove redundant processes), to increase revenues (cross-sell and up sell) and cut costs (brings down the cost of interacting with customers).
Also, as a crucial component of any enterprise architecture, CRM cannot be isolated. Integrating and aggregating the multiple communications and information layers within the enterprise puts a growing emphasis on integration between processes and applications.
One of these layers is of course the contact center, often the outermost layer of the CRM value chain and the face of a company for most of its customers. Yet, no effort has been made so far to extend the resources available to most call centers and to strengthen ties between the call center and the enterprise.
Developed by e360crm, the Connector for Microsoft CRM Dynamics 3.0 and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Cisco IPCC Enterprise) is a merger layer that enables businesses to provide superior customer service by connecting Cisco IPCC solutions with the Microsoft Business Solution Customer Relationship Management (Microsoft CRM Dynamics 3.0) application.
The e360crm Cisco IPCC Enterprise Connector (http://www.e360crm.com) is a customer relationship management (CRM) application tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. The solution helps all sized businesses quickly gain access to customer information on inbound and outbound calls, with a 360 view to increasing operational efficiency and providing an improved customer experience.
The e360crm Cisco IPCC Enterprise Connector provides Cisco IPCC Enterprise users with a complete view of the customer, including current and past purchases, sales information, order status, account relationships and billing information. Allowing companies to focus their entire operations on customers, the solution helps businesses develop customer service excellence by providing all employees with access to caller data quickly and simply. This helps companies build stronger, more profitable relationships with their clients, increase competitiveness and minimize costs as part of long-term IT development.
When a call is received by a Cisco IPCC Enterprise, the e360crm Cisco IPCC Enterprise Connector automatically links to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and provides onscreen pop-up windows of the customer contact record and phone call activity so that the service agent can track the call. The same information and capabilities are also accessible remotely, so sales and service personnel in the field can also connect into the network quickly. New customer data or phone call information is uploaded back into the system, so the next interaction with the customer picks up where the last one left off.
The combination of Cisco Unified Communications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps companies increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing costs
Vladimir Kirushko, Head of Call Center Raiffeisen bank of Ukraine, said: "The e360crm Cisco IPCC Enterprise Connector is an important tool for our Call Center. Before our operators pick up the phone they see all relevant customer information on their screen. With the automatic creation of correlating call activities, all calls are monitored and documented in our Microsoft CRM Dynamics system. This is especially helpful when several operators are simultaneously working with the same customer. The simple configuration with xml configuration file and the intuitive legacy GUI helped ensure it was popular in our bank and with our customers."
About e360crm
E360crm is a Ukraine firm which develops software for CISCO IPCC Enterprise, MS CRM Dynamics 3.0. Information about e360crm can be found at http://www.e360crm.com. Raiffeisen bank of Ukraine and Ukrsotsbank bank are the clients of e360crm.

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