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June 28, 2007


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Lauren Cooney

Hi Mike,

We've only released one product of 3 for Info 2.0 on AlphaWorks (QEDWiki) with Mashup Hub and DAMIA to come later in July. And you'll be hearing more about XML syndication... DAMIA *does* support XML feeds, as well as Atom and RSS (as special cases of XML feeds). We'll be releasing more info about this soon... so stay tuned, and feel free to ping me if you have questions.

IBM CTO Office
Information Management Group

Mike Gotta

Lauren, merely exposing feeds is not what I was pointint out - there is no feed management capability that one finds in specialized vendors. I'm not sure you can even be credible with any type of Info 2.0 message without XML syndication being at the forefront of such a framework. I find the absence of feed management and supporting analyts (around feed and item aggregation, correlation, and augmentation) that one would find within Feedburner for instance, a shocking and incredible oversight.

Volker Markl

Hi Mike,

Info 2.0 will be having XML analytics through its Damia component. Damia (Data Mashup Fabric for Intranet Applications) is a technology invented by IBM Research for augmenting, merging (correlating), sorting, grouping, transforming, and aggregating generic XML feeds (i.e., XML documents with a repeating element. Atom is a special case of an XML feed with 'entry' as repeating element, RSS is a special case of an XML feed with 'item' as repeating element.). In a typical scenario, a user of Damia specifies a data flow over XML feeds through a browser-based GUI Editor. The resulting feed produced by Damia data can then be formatted and syndicated in various ways, e.g., RSS, Atom, or generic XML feeds.

In addition, the Mashup Hub component provides functionality for managing feeds. Some of the feed management features include search, as well as community based features like tagging, rating, commenting, and usage statistics about feeds.

Volker Markl
IBM Research

Volker Markl is spearheading the Damia project at IBM Research.

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