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June 17, 2007


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James Dellow

And a 2-3 year timeframe is a long, long time in Web 2.0 years...

Thanks for the extra commentary, Mike.

Dennis McDonald

I agree that Microsoft's dropping the ball on promotion of its social networking functions opens up opportunities for other vendors. I also think, though, that capabilities like blogging, wikis, tagging, and expert location need to be offered as part of the enterprise's computing infrastructure in order to speed adoption and manage security.

doug cornelius

Microsoft does come up short on the E2.0 features in Sharepoint, but there is a lot to said for having everything in an integrated platform.

We are upgrading our intranet from SharePoint 2003 to Sharepoint 2007. I came into the E2.0 space trying to figure out what to do with these features. I think many other companies willing be coming into the space alonf the same path.

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