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October 24, 2007


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Andre Blumberg

Yes agreed RoundTable is a cool device and probably the best piece to the OCS story ... Problem is though that in great wisdom Microsoft has failed thus far to certify the devices widely so as a result you only get it in just 10 countries at this stage (US, CA, UK, FR, DE, IT, NL, ES, JP, AU) ... so for anyone outside of these countries, such as Hong Kong, looking to get one there's no published roadmap nor timeline even. This will also mean that companies with international presence that like to use the RoundTable devices can forget about using RoundTable for all subsidiary locations, unless they order them through any of the above 10 countries and then ship them to other countries not on the list. But that likely violates the license agreement (since they are not certified) and you won't have warranty support in other countries.

This significantly weakens the OCS value in my view since LiveMeeting without RoundTable is not much more than what you get with WebEx for a long time and desktop video conferencing, IM and presence can be had with Skype Business for much lower investments.

So, Microsoft, when will this be made available in other countries?


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