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October 25, 2007


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Lynda Radosevich


Another cogent piece on social networks at work. Can I distrubute this under the Creative Commons licensing framework?


Mike Gotta

Hy Lynda - thank you for the feedback. Appreciate your insight. Sure, no problem at all.

Lawrence Liu

Mike, thanks for your insightful response to my blog entry about Social Networking with MOSS 2007. There are several points that I'd like to clarify, which I'll blog about in the near future, but I'll address a few issues right now. First, you can find out much more about the SharePoint Business Data Catalog at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms563661.aspx. And second, while we currently lack a platform wide social tagging capabilities, we can support implementations at the site collection level, and our partner NewsGator's Social Sites product can provide social tagging for content across SharePoint and any external RSS enabled content. Third, while the white paper excerpted in my blog entry emphasized the importance of organizational and functional contexts for people because our customers have told us that formal knowledge/expertise networks are just as essential to corporate innovation informal social networks. One more, we do understand the differences between social networks (groups of frequently connected people with diverse yet overlapping interests)and communities (groups of loosely connected people with limited shared interests), but they're not always so black and white with any given customer. We aspire to be the Social Computing (for Business) Platform that can effectively support all of the different types of groups mentioned above. I look forward to chatting with you in more detail in the near future.

Lawrence Liu
Senior Technical Product Manager and Worldwide Community Lead
Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies


Brandstation is a collaboration and brand communications platform for companies to engage their internal staff and provide enticing experiences for external brand communications. Sharing information across teams in a social and dynamic way the Brandstation platform enables companies to enjoy the functionality of a Web 2.0 corporate social network for team collaboration. www.brandstation.tv


I'd love to know how you came up with your short list. I see SO many vendors on the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant lumped closely together and I shudder to think what that list will look like in 2 years:-)


I also like the Brandstation platform: there are low cost price plans now:

viewmy.tv now have a publishing network with tailored ads

Saurabh Kumar Singh

I am creating a Community Site in MOSS 2007 with customization and also want to use existing My Site(basically “My Pofile”) feature for each user’s profile like ORKUT fashion(which maintains GROUPS, FRIEND’s List, SCRAPBOOK, MESSAGES etc.). Can i use “My Site” feature of this purpose??
Can you please help me in this context??

Thank you,
E-mail: saurabhsinghmca@gmail.com

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