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November 29, 2007


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I was pointing out that folksonomy is collective tagging and not collaborative tagging. Collaborative tagging exists and has some value, but it is limited. I coined the term folksonomy to separate the collectively aggregated tagging that pays attention to identity (allowing for understanding different perspectives and context among many other additional types of derived value).

Bitzi is a good example of collaborative tagging, which quickly became an utter mess in an open system (Bitzi founders have agreed openly). Those of us examining what separated del.icio.us and its value through clear tagging from defined identity relevant tagging from Bitzi, needed a new term to make this separation.

Folksonomy is collectively aggregated tagging and is not collaborative tagging. Wikipeadia need fixing by people who understand the difference between the two terms to get it corrected.


Mike, a really good reference for understanding collaborative and collective would be Ross Mayfield's Power Law of Participation http://ross.typepad.com/blog/2006/04/power_law_of_pa.html

id scanner

Hi Vanderwal..you said in your comment "Folksonomy is collectively aggregated tagging and is not collaborative tagging". Can you please tell me difference between collectively aggregated and collaborative tagging. I always remains confused in between them.

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