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December 01, 2007


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Steve Kuhn

I suspect that we'll be seeing no shortage of episodes like this, as Web-enabled services like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, attempt to monetize their data on users without upsetting too many people.

What's even more interesting is how data sharing vs. data privacy applies to the Enterprise. Make no mistake: Consumer applications offer these services for free because the user data is so very valuable. They use this data in the aggregate to target advertising or other services more effectively.

But does the Enterprise really want data about its employees, its customers, its initiatives, and more, trolled by these consumer companies? I'm always surprised to learn that large companies are using Google Analytics to examine their Web traffic, or using LinkedIn to set up groups of employees. Facebook's Beacon is just a particularly visible form of data-sharing...what else is this privately-held company doing with your data, or your employee's data?

So, a key question for Enterprise: Do you want to give consumer applications access to your valuable data?

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