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December 05, 2007


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Sam Lawrence

I'd be interested if your client inquires come to you asking for solutions based the categories above. At the beginning of 2007, our customers came looking with a more tool-centric approach, but interestingly most now come looking for a suite of solutions. Our sales folks don't hear "we want a blog" or "we want a social network." They're looking to invest in a comprehensive suite solution--in a practical, enterprise software product and more--in a vision of how this can help deliver enterprise visibility and productivity. I'd be curious on your predictions for how your matrix will look at the end of 2008.

Crowd Factory

Please add Crowd Factory to the Social Network Section.



Thanks for posting this.

I would also be curious if you had any predictions for 2008 -

We see our clients increasingly looking for ways to add the value of social software to their existing enterprise applications.

That might point more towards a tool approach, but perhaps the tool of the future is not one of the categories above but all of them together with a killer strategy to leverage incumbent enterprise data.


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