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January 31, 2008


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mike selissen

Some UVA undergrads are taking a look at the exposure of private user data to third-party applications through Facebook's platform API and devising an approach to limiting it.

See: www.cs.virginia.edu/felt/privacy

Sepp Hasslberger

Anyone on the net, writing a blog, participating in one or more social networks, sending emails to friends, is progressively losing control of what's considered "personal" data. Emails are being monitored, phone traffic is open to surveillance. Privacy has become a hollow word, an illusion.

As the experts say, "it's almost impossible" to keep one's private data out of view.

Why not make of necessity a virtue by

1) recognizing that we have lost privacy or are in an irreversible trend of losing it

2) demanding openness of those who do the surveilling, i.e. demanding that government be open and accessible.

If we can't have privacy, why should government agencies have it?

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My suspicion is that, if we invested more in such clever translation (adaptation, cohabitation, whatever) we'd be better off and better adapted to diversity and non-comformity.

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