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January 09, 2008


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Vincent Perrin

Very interesting : yes, Presence is the most important thing, and we need to encourage interoperability & standardization.
But about the evolution of this notion, do you really think products like Twitter or others can be useful in business ? in term of productivity, (http://blog.roam4free.ie/never-mind-what-are-twitter-costs-whats-the-cost-of-twitter/), or also in term of privacy, this kind of presence can be extremely intrusive.

Sam Lawrence

Loved this post, Mike. I'm pretty obsessed with this idea, too. Hopefully heavyweight vendors and a standards body can get around this. Ultimately, our presence status should "just work," independent of which application we choose to work in, and extend our presence to other applications. In the consumer space, presence is very disconnected. Ideally, it would be easier in the enterprise but my sense is it will face the same challenges.

Regardless, a huge part of what people mean when they talk about "Facebook for the enterprise" has to do with presence. The rolled-up presence stream view you see on Facebook (Bob is working from home; Rachel just finished a proposal) solves a massive problem inside companies: "What the hell is going on?"

Dennis McDonald

presence = human dial tone

Ian Morrish

NetMeeting (been around since Windows 95)and Site Server ILS were also at the start of Enterprise presence. Although most people used NetMeeting as a remote desktop solution the ILS (later integrated into Windows Server 2000 as a service - for free) provided a COM API and there was an ASP Intranet application to show who was logged in.
Looking back at the functionality provided by Netmeeting (voice, video, chat, whiteboard, application sharing, remote desktop) I wonder if we have really made that much progress.

Leonard Badi

Thank you Mike for your fantastic notes on Presence. We at Mundial Communications have just launched Yambi platform that simplify "Presence" and brings to the UM for the consumer. Check these screen shots at: http://www.mundialco.com/unifiedmessaging/2008/01/22/yambi-demo-screenshots/
More details at: http://www.mundialco.com/unifiedmessaging/2008/01/22/yambi-presentation-at-protoin-08
To beta test, please apply at www.yambi.com

Nick Vidal

Hi Mike,

Regarding people subscribing to different types of information placed into the stream, I would like to recommend you reading about ISS (Instant Syndicating Standards). ISS is a set of open standards that enable people to discover and syndicate information within their social network. For more information: http://iss.im

Best regards,

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