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February 19, 2008


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Interesting. My fiancee just got called on the carpet by her boss about her writings on her personal blog (obligatory Domino content: it's hosted on a server in our living room running 8.00b3). The way to live in the online world is never say anything you wouldn't say in the offline world. But is this an excuse to dumb down your blog? NO! Instead, bring your OFFLINE persona in line with how you would live ONLINE. Learn to say what you think at all times, so that there's no difference between your blog and what you'd say at a party. I've tried to live this way as much as possible, with the result I never dread that "someone I know" will read what I write. Hopefully, they'd see and realize it's exactly what I'd tell them in person. Except I say f*uck a lot more online.

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