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February 13, 2008


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thanks for blogging about our webcast and especially the "Good" section above!

I'd to add some additional commentary on a couple of your points.
First, we are definitely working with our Lotus folks. We have quite a lot of synergy between the Info 2.0 mashup server vision and the Lotus vision to enable mashups and widgets in a variety of their collaborative engines. Please do stay tuned for more news to come in this area.

Your other point on feed syndication and its importance is quite interesting. Our current vision for Mashup Hub is make it a powerful feed generation and feed transformation engine. At this time, it may not include all the capabilities of feed syndication. However, as I look at the definitional bullets that you list for feed syndication, there is quite a bit of overlap with Mashup Hub. I am curious on your views on the intersection of feed syndication and feed servers -- where one could fit in vs. the other.

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