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February 13, 2008


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Ed Maloney

If any company can kill a great product, it's Novell. I wouldn't worry too much about this being the next "Notes Killer".

Brent McConnell

I am the Community Manager for ICEcore and would like to say that we (ICEcore Community) are very excited to have Novell assume primary sponsorship of the ICEcore project. To have Novell's open source expertise will help considerably in growing the ICEcore project into the leading open source project in the collaboration space.

We have only been open source for a few months so the comparison with Zimbra seems a bit unfair. We have steadily continued to see our download numbers move up and are certainly excited by the interest in ICEcore since the merger.

As for getting the community to work on an "already feature-rich" product, I believe that you will see lots of interest in ICEcore moving forward as our future direction for the product involves incorporating a very robust social networking component that developers will love to tap into to create entirely new classes of business applications. I invite all of your readers to stop and take a tour of ICEcore at www.icecoreopen.org and see for themselves.


all this consolidation points at the collaboration domain really hotting up. as far as im concerned, novell doesnt have a very compelling product for the SMB domain.

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