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February 04, 2008


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Matt Tucker

This particular announcement is silly. The "UI" for the the example service is a Linux administration tool for browsing XMPP protocol internals. That's like launching an enterprise social networking tool with a generic LDAP browser.

However, there's compelling ideas here. XMPP is very well suited for federating social technology. In fact, the Twitter service itself is on the cutting edge of this trend through their experimental XMPP support. I just spent the weekend at the Social Graph Foo camp and there's a lot of energy around using XMPP for this type of federation. It will be fun to see what develops.

Mickaël Rémond


The UI is not a "Linux Administration Tool", it is directly the interface of the Instant Messaging client. The fact that you do not like the interface of this particular is another topic, thought.

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