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March 31, 2008


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Rich Blank

I totally agree with you here. IBM/Lotus has a good procuct with connections. But their marketing is TERRIBLE! It's very confusing to have Connections and Quickr separate. Sharepoint is all encompassing --gives you the 80% you need out of the box -- and allows you as a solutions developer to build the other 20% to truly solve your business problems. The sharepoint model is standard for how MS operates -- and it's smart...and they will take over the world yet once again! It's already happening. eRoom customers like Chevron and Ford are indeed migrating. And others have inquired or piloting Sharepoint. Why? Because moving to sharepoint will save them support dollars to EMC. NOW...if you want to use MOSS and build solutions on top of Sharepoint -- that will cost you!

Rich Blank

one more comment -- YES - IBM/Lotus does make things complicated....it just seems to be a standard way of doing things at IBM...and I like Connections -- it has some promise. But the focus at IBM is on profiles, expertise location, blogs, dogear.... and IBM makes the business value too complicated to understand. They don't preach about "solving all your problems" and saving you money or driving you revenue. And the cost is just ridiculous -- this is not the 1990s and this technology is not ERP....noone will spend tens of millions of dollars on this stuff...when there are cheaper alternatives. Simple economics....

The unfortunate thing about making social computing technology complicated (or making the messaging about social computing technology complicated) -- you suffer when it comes to user adoption.

And with this type of technology especially -- once you buy into the platform and use it everyday, store terabytes of data in it -- the switching costs are very very high to migrate! That is one plus for eRoom as well as existing Lotus Notes customers.

However the negative is the money you spend on migrating off of eRoom or Notes, will be recovered in a year or 2 by not paying support to EMC or IBM. So EMC and IBM better pay attention here...because MS is essentially giving away sharepoint for free as an incentive to switch, justifying the ROI, and they make a compelling case for sharepoint.

Oh, it will be cost customers more in the long run with sharepoint -- I'm sure of that. TCO total cost of ownership will be probably higher overall. But it's good for the consulting firms out there with armies of developers who will be building solutions on top of sharepoint.

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