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April 06, 2008


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John Tropea

James Robertson too thinks the knowledge sharing word is too broad and should be avoided


"The simple fact is that staff simply don't 'share knowledge', they conduct whatever work activities are required in their jobs. In our terms this may include sharing knowledge, but to them they are 'updating client details', 'discussing project schedules' and the like.
...''knowledge sharing' could become 'improve the coordination of project teams', or 'increase consistency of interaction with customers' or 'reduce processing errors'.

By targeting a specific problem that is meaningful to staff, real action can then be generated."

Dan Keldsen

Mike - thanks for the coverage of our research and webinar from earlier this year. Incidentally, the AIIM.org site has had an overhaul. Best shortcut URL to our Enterprise 2.0 materials is now http://www.aiim.org/enterprise20 - fun with (not)permalinks!


air jordan 13

This is a good article. I agree, if there is a method of saving costs then I am all for it. The last place I would have thought to notice a disease was in the eyes.

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