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April 03, 2008


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Sharon Greenfield

Very awesome roundup!

I was going to get cranky, and bring up my usual 'what about BBS's, MUD's, IRC?!' towncry, but I really like how you put it in perspective.

And Comte, I can't believe you referenced him.! Fabulous, just a great post.


/end rant from Psych major working in Tech industry


I've been thinking the same thing.

Mike Gotta

@Sharon - thanks! I was trying to focus on the non-tech aspects but you are correct. This is such a brief list, I could have added Hagerstrand, Bott, Blau, Deutsch...

@thomas - this reminds me of "community mania" back in the nineties as well as the holy grail of expertise location (also in the nineties)... through a product out there and, like adding water, voila - you have a social network.

jessica lipnack

Excellent, excellent post, Mike. What about de Tocqueville and his observation about Americans making associations? Will cross-post now and put in the whole de Tocq quote. Thanks so much for this.

Michael Selissen

And lest we forget J.A. Barnes, the anthropologist accredited with coining the term "social network" in the 1950's while studying the cultural and social structure of a Norweigian fishing village. Great summary Mike!

urban_ mermaid

great post! been saving this to read since earlier in the week.

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