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April 04, 2008


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Anthony Russo

My Company Great America Networks Conferencing offers simple cost-effective Video and WebConferencing usable anywhere there is an Internet connection on any type of computer.

You can see the software interface and sign up for a free 1 on 1 trial or a full featured demonstration free as well.

Compare to other popular products here: http://www.ganconference.com/web.html

View the software here: http://www.ganconference.com/quickvisuals.html

Sign up for a free trial here on the right side of the page: http://web.ganconference.com/

Have a free guided tour of the software here: http://www.ganconference.com/demo.html or contact me directly for a personal guided tour of the service.

Anthony Russo
Conferencing Consultant
Great America Networks Conferencing
[email protected]
Phone: 312-432-5377
Fax: 312-492-2577
Skype: anth.russo

Webinar Co-ordinator

The service we sell and use is great! There are problems with most conferencing systems and Safari. There are also limitations to the accesibility of conferencing platforms as it may be easier to click and be connected directly but that affects the security of your meeting. On the other hand other services require you to install certain files in so far as accessibilty and security is concerned...
Thanks for the article though. Keep it up!


the one I linked is pretty good but I think I'm too late over here...

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