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April 14, 2008


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Stephen Joyce

I think all collaboration relies heavily on the will of those involved. People collaboration good for everyone in the long run. They can also have enough EQ - Emotional Intelligence to know how to manage their on-to-one relationship, however if they don't have enough CQ - Collaborative Intelligence there is a distinct limit to what can be achieved.

Developing collaborative intelligence (CQ) is about developing our ability to work together. Whether it is a business team or a community or even nations, creating new way to increase our collaborative capacity will make life easier for everyone.

For example the videos of groups of people singing the national anthems of other nations makes a great point about building bridges. How can we build bridges in the workplace? what sort of ‘grand gestures’ can we provide to others to show our intent on cooperation and collaboration?

Pangeaday is a an event that will focus the worlds attention on what people can create together.

air jordan 13

This is a good article. I agree, if there is a method of saving costs then I am all for it. The last place I would have thought to notice a disease was in the eyes.

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