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May 16, 2008


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Kevin Heisler

It's clear that Facebook wants to keep their members inside their garden walls.

Facebook is building a moat around its castle to keep the search giant out. I'm glad you brought up relation data.

The social networks assume all data belongs to them. This is just the first signs of a growing fallout ...

Dear Google, Facebook's Just Not That Into You

Eric Duncan

Your argument that the data you give to Facebook is YOUR data is incorrect. In the manner of all other businesses, once you give your content/info/pictures/etc over to that business, it is now owned by that business', and they have the right to do with as they please.

For example, entering a contest. The fine print states that once you send in that video, of your son hitting you in that sensitive area, to America's Funniest Videos, you relinquish all rights to that media and it "becomes the property" of America's Funniest Videos - which you won't get any royalties for. Later on when you see your humiliation plastered on re-runs a decade from now, as the all-time best nutshots, you cannot sue, obtain, or collect on the viewership of that video. You relinquished all rights when you first submitted it.

That catch applies to just about any online business you sign up for in the terms of use (including Facebook).

It's simple, if you want YOUR data to be YOUR data, don't give it to someone else. Because the lawyers have already solicited the rights to that data, once you hit the submit button.

I for one applaud Facebook for looking out for consumer protection.

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