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July 03, 2008


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Barret Wolf


As a blogger focused on collaboration, I thought you would be interested in an offer from Glance, detailed below in a letter from Glance Founder and CEO Rich Baker. The offer is a free one-year subscription to Glance, the web-conferencing tool that allows you to set up a screen sharing session with up to 100 people, in just seconds. Glance is unique in that it requires *no* downloads by your audience and can be started up instantly, making it the best tool for ad-hoc presentation needs that crop up frequently during conference calls.

Read on if you are interested. Contact Rich or me with questions. Thanks,

Barret Wolf

We're offering a free year of Glance web conferencing

Attention bloggers:

This is Rich Baker from Glance Networks, Inc., makers of the one-click desktop sharing tool. I started Glance back in 2000 before blogging became the phenomenon it is today. I'm grateful to the blogging community, which I am now proud to be a part of myself, for being instrumental in helping enlighten folks about the way web conferencing helps companies extend their business reach, and reduce travel.

My passion has been to make web conferencing so easy, anyone can do it – reliably and quickly. Many of you may be Glance users yourselves. As one of the few cross-platform screen sharing tools on the market to allow meetings with up to 100 guests at a time, your interest in Glance has resulted in thousands of companies around the world doing business with us.

As a way to say thanks, we're offering any blogger a free year-long subscription to Glance's web conferencing service (a $499 value). Just contact me with your blog's URL.

(And BTW, I enjoy talking to Glance users, so feel free to contact me with your comments about our service!)

Kind Regards,

Rich and the Glance Team

[email protected]




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