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December 24, 2008


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Yonni Harif

Mike, that's a great run-down of E2.0 issues.
Another topic that will likely be addresssed in 2009 is the convergence of internal, business-partner-facing and customer-facing Web 2.0 for business applications.
The same technologies used to foster collaboration (e.g. secure Facebook social network) and steamline business processes (e.g. secure desktop time reporting gadget) will be used by companies for secure transactional activities with customers, distributors, resellers and other trusted partners. In other words, the headway made in making consumer Web 2.0 into enterprise-grade for internal use, will change the way companies manage and generate business with their customers and trusted partners.

I think you will see this trend coming into play with greater force in 2009.


I totally agree about the culture issue. We have a long way to go in this direction. It's really great to see though that more and more companies are trying to deal with it.
Thanks for the great write up!


Great post, Mike.

The social analytics piece is going to explode, imho...a hybrid of E2.0 and BI with tremendous benefits and far-reaching implications. I see data visualizations and trending as an important component here, allowing people to 'democratize' data, improve their understanding of data, and gather new insights from diverse perspectives.

I'm curious what your thoughts are on collective intelligence, specifically the usage of prediction/knowledge markets.

Allowing users to create informal communities is nice, but if there is minimal 'cross-pollenation' of expertise, ideas and insight, enterprises will have difficulty efficiency and effectively gathering true collective intelligence.

E2.0 (vetting ideas, exposing untapped knowledge, maintaining ecosystem/community vitality), BI (social analytics & SNA, predictive analytics), social media & marketing...prediction markets can help numerous critical areas of an enterprise's strategy.

If these markets are well-executed, they can address most - if not all - inhibitors to aggregating critical insight and making the best tactical and strategic decisions.

Would love to hear your thoughts...thanks

Bob P

Nathan G

Hello Mike, in this space, cyn.in is another open source giant in the making. Adobe Connect is also a runner-up for this space.

Jeff Shuey

Great article. I agree with one of your main points that this will be the make or break release for SharePoint. Without a doubt SharePoint has been very successful. In order to continue this success a few things need to happen. Not the least of which is a viable platform for integrating Social Media technologies. I just finished a blog post about the Convergence of ECM and Social Media (link: http://jshueywa.blogspot.com/2009/01/convergence-of-social-media-and-ecm.html). It does not specifically refer to SharePoint as an "end-point" for ECM, but it is clear Microsoft has a great opportunity on their hand with the Office 14 release wave.

I look forward to reading more of your stuff. Perhaps we can collaborate too.

Jeff Shuey
[email protected]
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jshuey
Blog: http://jshueywa.blogspot.com

islami sohbet

ThanKs a Lot (:

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