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January 08, 2009


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Having read through the original article I think you've put together a great set of responses.

I will be watching as the rubber hits the road to see how this year takes shape.

Nancy White

RE unified conferencing --> all the vendors need to think about features that move from a centralized control model of running an online meeting and provide much more (and easier to use) flexibility in roles. (I.e. multiple moderators, flexible assignment of participants to use and control tools - not just an overall on/off switch, ability for multiple people to start a meeting, not just the person who paid for the account, etc.) I'd also like to see the ability to have multiple chat rooms (one for note taking, one for back channel, for example), easier linking of user presence in the meeting to a profile, easier one to one back-channelling (so many of the interfaces make it easy to make a mistake when moving from a private IM back to full group), keep advancing what we can do with white boards and finally, recordings with non proprietary formats for easier sharing of meetings AFTER the meeting.

The potential of web meetings is so shackled by the wretchedly limited conception of the design of the tools. Think bigger, vendors! Think OPEN. I'll pay for open.

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