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January 16, 2009


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USed Refurbished Laptops

I started my own marketing consulting business in March. I did a lot of research on my needs and decided on the 6830s because of the wide screen. I'm very disappointed with the notebook to date. I have a 2.0 Ghz Processor and 3 meg of RAM with Vista downgraded to XP. The system often locks up on me, some internet sites just don't load. When trying to view a website recently, it would never load. I turned on my 2 year old HP desktop and in a snap the website came up. Something seems just not right with this system though I cannot pinpoint what causes the problem. I just tried to forward a finally a message came up "The server appears to be slow to respond, and may be unavailable. Press the button to cancel your request." When I hit "cancel" it just locks up. Now, will have to reboot. I've had to go as far as to unplug the battery to reboot.....not good for a system less than a month old

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