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January 05, 2009


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Dennis McDonald

This is a really great post. More people should be aware of systems like this. One problem is, though, that there is usually a barrier between geeks and regular folk in the systems they are comfortable using. So lessons learned in one environment (e.g., global support for open source software) don't always translate easily into more mainstream applications.

Speaking of history: some readers might be entertained by this tongue in cheek article I wrote speculating on what Web 2.0 tools might have meant for the Manhattan Project:


John Gundry

Thank you for publicising this gem about Digital's VAX Notes. As a Digital employee twenty years ago I saw the tool an integral part of the company's way of working. In 1991 I wrote a book chapter which included a review of Notes' usage in Digital, and I recently re-published this as (provocatively-titled)"Web 0.0 Social Media". It's here http://www.knowab.co.uk/socialmedia.html and I think people following this blog might find it interesting.

Thank you again for finding this article.

John Gundry
Malmesbury UK

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