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January 15, 2009


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Dan Stelter

Hmm, hopefully anxiety in the workplace is actually falling. What happens in one study may not be happening all across the nation. But, many people will always struggle with anxiety at any given time. Should you need help managing your anxiety, and this can happen even in the good times, check out the http://www.anxietysupportnetwork.com articles and forum for some practical guidance.

George Tamborra

My reaction is that give the economy, and the downturn of social responsibility is hard for the average worker not to feel anxious.

Now, what happens to those few that do get anxiety attacks... the situation makes the work anxiety unbearable...

The focus should be on working harder. Being so focused that the "thoughts" will have no chance on creeping into the mind.

Work hard, work excellent, this what we can do... anxiety, just have no time.

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