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February 12, 2009


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Irwin Lazar

Get a Mac! :-)

Seriously though, I was working in XP (in Parallels on my Mac) yesterday when windows auto-installed an update and gave me the "you need to reboot" pop-up. And every five minutes, I got that annoying pop-up, having to constantly click "reboot later" as if I was hitting a "snooze" button so I could work for five more minutes. Sigh....

Mike Gotta

I should mention that my machine has 64 bit Vista installed ...

Yep - you can postpone if for 4 hours but still ... annoying.

Our help desk just prevented the updated from being installed so I should be all set.

Mika Heinonen

I told a friend of mine to install openSUSE 11.1, because she was totally pissed of at Vista.

She installed it, and was very happy how everything worked. She could even run her old DOS apps which refused to run under XP and Vista.

I told her that it might not be the ultimate solution though, and she might need to install Windows 7 on a vmware or openSUSE VM after the summer if she wants to play some AAA games. But it's better than dual boot anyway.

Romain M-P

Hi Mike,

I also have a E6400 with Vista 64bits and the same problem, but it started a long time ago.

Now I've found a routine for each time there is a Windows Update. You have to reboot, get a BSOD, reboot in safe mode, start a session, close the session and then reboot back to normal mode.


Hmm, I have for many years wondered on whether Microsoft has ever considered employing people with interaction design capability (sorry if I offend anyone with that statement - but seriously though ...).

Our company recently turned on auto updates and at the end of my day when I'm about to go home the system prompts me to install updates - sometimes I feel like it's doing the same damn one all the time. One question from my .... Why the hell would I run an update when I want to pick my notebook up and head home. Wouldn't it be more sensible to do the update the next time I switch on in the morning - i.e. time for a coffee before starting work. All joking aside, updates should b optionally applied at a given time. If a critical one IS installed - the user only needs to be told once - and not with interruption to typing which is a real suck when it comes to Windows generally - outlook does the same - every time it fails to sync as your off line - bang another pop up dialog box. Incidentally - if a real critical patch is applied, surely I am at no real greater risk 5 minutes after the patch as opposed to the 5 minutes and greater prior?

Right, grumble over .... Still Seriously though - while I am aware Vista is a vast improvement to XP in relation to user experience - I want my engine running smoothly given the years of subscription to Microsoft Software Development!

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