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February 10, 2009


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I think you're on the right track. I would like to see something a little different. You should own your identity. It should not be track by and between corporations (the airline, media company, and hotel). So a little different approach, although it would work very much the same way.
You have a smart device, like a future iPhone, which is really a very small laptop computer. There's an app on your phone. It knows who you are, and can store your preferences in a secure way.
When the movie on the plane is stopped, your phone will, somehow, make note of this. Perhaps the plane will be transmitting something in the air that identifies the movie and where it paused. I like this idea, because your whole day could be automatically cataloged, in a secure way, by your personal device, for events in your day. An e-receipt from your taxi ride auto-added to your phone, etc.
You can use this information later to finish the movie. It should be a very passive technology. A week later you might remember, I'd like to finish that movie, hmm, when was the flight, ahh last Tuesday, yes, here's where I left off.


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