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March 09, 2009


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Thanks for this blog post! Maybe you should consider creating a comparison matrix. I would like to add the answers for Communote (www.communote.com):

- Security is one of the key issues for enterprise adoption. For this reason it is very important for Communote:
- SSL encryption (https)
- Secure RSS (RSS feeds require username/password)
- Robust and well-tested J2EE application
- You can choose between the SaaS solution hosted on our servers or an in-house installation
- Regular security audits and an ambitious security roadmap
- IP range restrictions can be defined by the administrator (soon)
- Accounts are temporarily locked on multiple false login attempts (soon)
- Setup of company specific VPN on explicit customer demand possible (soon)

Access Control
- LDAP integration
- No limitation to a specific email domain
- Users with administrator rights can activate new users
- Communote is organized as platform for a set of microblogs. You create topic-related microblogs like “Project ABC” and invite existing or new users to this special Microblog. A microblog can be readable/writable for all or you can add single users as viewer, member or manager. This allows our clients a powerful rights management with as much transparency as possible but as much access control as needed.
- Of course users only see microblog names or tags in the tag cloud where they have rights for

- There is no “lost message on page 42” in Communote. The system is built to find relevant stuff even after a long time. We have text search, tags, filter for authors and filter for a time period. You can combine all these filters and drill down till you find what you need. The tag cloud gets updated for every filter combination. This way you have a good summary of related keywords.
- Postings or microblogs can be exported.

Policy Management
- The administrator has full overview on the users in the system.
- Responsible for the single microblog is the manager of this blog. The administrator cannot see the microblog or its postings.
- We will support LDAP groups soon.
- Integration is mission critical for enterprise Microblogging. Communote comes with:
- email and XMPP integration (for postings and notifications)
- RSS on every possible filter combination
- Portlets
- mobile client

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