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March 06, 2009


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Doug Cornelius

Mike -

Great points. Twitter is just another communications tool. You need to treat it like one. Ignoring it will just get the company and its employees in trouble.

Given the open nature of its API and the feeds available from user accounts it should be easy enough to pull a user's tweets into a compliance system.

Of course, the company should be monitoring twitter to see what is being said about the company and figure out a way to deal with that. (But that's another topic.)

Dan Schwartz

I agree with both your sentiments here; I think a lot will depend on company culture. Some are just WAY too cautious while others are a little TOO liberal. Where that happy medium is is still a work in progress.

Doug might have mentioned, but I wrote on this earlier in the week too and had lots of feedback on Twitter @danielschwartz. Hot topic


Ive been using Time Doctor .
It uses a better procedure than blocking social media sites because it only monitors sites like Twitter during production hours. People/Employees still have the option to use it for a breather or during breaks really . Sometimes they use it for work too in helping reach decisions.

For me its really unnecessary to block Twitter.

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