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April 20, 2009


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Peter Reiser

Thanks for posting !

Sounds great - I am excited :-)

Ceri Davies

SunSpace is based on Atlassian's Confluence; are you suggesting Oracle will be after them next? ;-)

mike gotta

Ceri, True, it is based on Confluence, but I don't think the integration is so hard-wired that other wikis could be supported - and Oracle has a few already :)

Marius Ciortea

Let me start by saying that I'm an Oracle employee :)
I wanted to point out that internally we have a Social Network site called "Connect". It is very popular at Oracle. This site is being managed by the AppsLab Group http://theappslab.com/.
For external users we have http://mix.oracle.com, this site is managed by Oracle Marketing and I happen to lead that effort. You can get more info at http://blogs.oracle.com/mix/ or http://twitter.com/oraclemix.



I wonder how central any of this is to the big issues Oracle/Sun will focus on first -- mysql, hardware (disposition?), and layoffs. Hard for me to see them settling quickly enough to make progress in this category any time soon.

mike gotta

JB, clearly there are larger issues swirling around this acquisition - but that's not my beat - the thoughts here are some "nuggets of gold" within Sun that might not be noticed during an acquisition that is large and complex. Oracle would do well to look closely at different areas within Sun. There are a lot of smart people there doing interesting things (in this case, related to social networking) that are not well-known...

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