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June 10, 2009


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The identity of an organization is also something important to factor in because of the B2B potential of social networking and the ability for it to build trust.


Also, on the flip side of social networking importance, it's also good to recognize when an organization is creating only content that is meant to sell rather than engage the community.

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I think social networking has really gone a long way, it's like becoming a virtual world, where you meet people, marketers etc..


Personally I think social networking is a little over rated as a business tool. It's a must have to keep up with trends but I don't really see much business coming from it.


I disagree with Ashlee. I think it depends on the type of business. Social networking brings in a lot of business to our bar. We have the bartenders update their facebook status with a link to our site www.emeraldpubhollywood.com and all their friends see it. It's sort of like a reminder to come in and have a drink.

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