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July 03, 2009


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Gil Yehuda

You may be interested in http://www.foaf-project.org/,
http://www.netage.com/orgscope/ and http://www.catelas.com/index.htm

Mike Gotta

Good info but the question is: what does Catelas use underneath as the engine? Ditto on the others - I'm less interested in the application layer or the higher level infrastructure layer and more interested in the underlying graph system components...

DirectedEdge was a suggestion from Twitter: twitter.com/mastermark


Valdis Krebs

When developing InFlow social network analysis software [late 80s and early 90s], we developed our own internal graph data base. Everything is done in Prolog.


Like Pregel mentioned above, we can write complex network metrics and pattern/motif-finders in very few lines of code because of Prolog and how our data is stored.


I enjoyed your post. You might want to check out Status Search which is a newly social graph search engine that allows people to search in their twitter and facebook friends. I am one of the co-founders there.

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