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September 15, 2009


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social networking software development

Very nice post. Thanks for the share. Interesting article. A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others.

Rachel Happe

Mike -

This is great - thanks for sharing your approach. It is all really hard to untangle and everyone has different perspectives and expectations around social media, social software, E2.0, etc.

I particularly like your last slide because it mirrors how I think of this evolution although I would add one more layer which is this. Everytime social software evolves, it increases various levels of *meaning* which people can convey. For example synchronous IM is better than email because it adds immediacy so things can be quickly clarified. Audio enables emotion and intonation to come through so podcasts have more meaning then blog posts. And on and on... More meaning drives the ability to more quickly establish trusted relationships.

Anyway, just a thought. Nice post!

Saqib Ali


Social Apps are "People Centric" where as Unsocial(???) Apps are "Document Centric"

On the internet, this is a subtle difference. However, within the walls of an enterprise these are key differentiators.

Anyone who has implemented a Blog or a Wiki in an enterprise knows that it is not easy to find contributors. Sometimes it takes a push from the Management to get people to contribute. This is very unsocial behaviour.

So Wiki and Blogs alone in an enterprise don't work. They have to be paired with a Social App to get people to contribute to these wikis and blogs.

See the following URL for more info:

Saqib Ali

oops wrong URL. The correct URL is:

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