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December 22, 2009


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Paul Reeves

Excellent summary. You didn't mention Awareness. Forrester ranked them up with Jive. Any thoughts?
We use MindTouch for product information devlopment/collaboration. Originally we made an internal KB for technical info but now our customer-facing folks want all product information in the same platform. They like having discrete topics that can be assembled into an attractive PDF on demand. For us, collaboration is important. We have many people who know something important about our product but we don't have the knowledge workers to effectively support them. With a better collaboration tool, we've filled many critical information gaps. MindTouch supports some documentation best practices (templates, single sourcing for reuse). I evaluated DITA initially and was very impressed but it's prohibitely expensive and is pretty rigid. We need flexibility in our topic structure. MindTouch needs to improve in some areas. For example, better native support for complex books and more robust dashboard development built-in. It's easy to make excellent dashboards, but you have to know something about their extensions. I'm hoping to marry Jive and MindTouch for our internal/external community and KM needs.


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