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December 21, 2009


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Stephane Croisier

@janusboye was saying yesterday: "WCM vendors with social software features the big thing for 2009. Predicting that social software vendors will not add WCM in 2010"

This is probably true and another trend for 2010. E2.0 and Social Software is mostly about managing Content. Most ESSP have taken a top-down user-centric approach but are now lacking some more robust content platform infrastructures. Meanwhile all WCM are adding "social content composites" on top of their platforms from a more bottom-up approach. Social WCM: another trend for 2010?



Good post. I agree that there's a great deal of confusion surrounding the term "Enterprise 2.0."

Andrew McAfee and others define it as more of a social or collaborative term. I understand this definition but think of "E2.0" more broadly to include MDM, BI, SOA, clouds, SaaS, open source, and a bunch of other newer technologies available to organizations.

I think that the subject is so important that I decided to write a book about it, along with help from many experts.

** End of shameless plug**



Thanks for helping to educate the masses about what enterprise 2.0 is and what it can mean to a corporation or other organization. @samepagewiki


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