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January 27, 2010


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For me, privacy for a networking site is really important and it should not be taken for granted.

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I'm kind of person who is very much conscious about security and privacy.

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So when executives from consumer social network sites talk about privacy, I react to whatever they say with a health dose of skepticism.

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security and privacy should be respected by all as our rights.

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It is absurd boundaries, and demonstrate whether it is about a complex challenge, lack of knowledge - or reveal the social networking Web site operator in a credible difficulties faced by the business model. In this case, I believe it is both. LinkedIn and Facebook do not seem to understand the social dynamics around privacy and the way through the implementation of complex, exacerbated by the challenges of privacy (and perhaps more so the case of Facebook) technology.Yeah,i agree with it.

Social Network Development

Privacy of members is something that should be protected by website developers. It is inevitable for people not to share infos online. That's what social networks are for in the first place. I am planning to put up a site for a specific target audience, and I am more focused on privacy settings. As a Facebook and Twitter user (and other social media), I am very much concerned about my privacy. I got an issue with Facebook before on privacy settings. The first day that they launched the new privacy interface, I was annoyed because I was more comfortable with the old settings. Later, I realized that any changes in these settings and features of any social media is just part of its social network development.

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I think that the largest SN out there right now - FB, is trying hard to show its members that FB cares about their privacy. I think that's already a big step. BUT, I do wish they would stop changing the privacy setting all the time. Anyway, thanks for the post, it was good reading! :)

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