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January 13, 2010


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Scott Brown


Thanks for the comments.

While it might not be evident, the various software groups at Cisco DO in fact share foundational technologies that are incorporated into the solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of different customer segments.

Given that we serve different customers (from entertainment brand managers to corporate IT departments) we necessarily apply and present similar technologies in different ways to solve different problems. This is particularly apparent in our “social” applications because it’s such a broad set of technologies that can be applied in different ways that result in completely different business outcomes.

That outcome could be for business collaboration, or it could be for entertainment. For example, a blog can be used to help customers with their support issues. It can also be used to publish content for some sort of paid-entertainment experience. Both are equally valid (and potentially economically valuable) uses of that technology, but at the least require very different go-to-market strategies for the vendor.

That is exactly the situation for Cisco’s use of “social.” Speaking for the Cisco Eos platform, we purpose-built it for media companies to deliver ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCES to their fans. In this context, media companies see “collaboration” as a dirty word – they don’t want to collaborate with fans in the same sense (and therefore don’t use exactly the same features) that you want to get your company to work more efficiently and effectively -- media companies DO want to engage fans in a more interactive, immersive experience and that’s what the Eos platform delivers.

As I've already mentioned, while the end experiences may appear radically different, Cisco does share underlying technologies (e.g. a standard video player, blogging tool, content ingest system, etc) to deliver those experiences.

Social Networking Software

Excellent write up, you make great points about the need for, yet the inherent lack of collaboration.

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